Qualities of a good website

Running a website is no easy task, and to ensure that you get the best out of it, a lot has to be implemented regarding website design and maintenance. There are over one billion websites on the web today, and they all focus on conveying information to people. For your site to be competitive amongst the rest, then it has to be of a higher quality. Making a high-quality website requires one to follow the following given guidelines.

Properties of a good website



For every good website, what stands out is the simplicity it provides, enabling people to find information and moveĀ around without a fuss easily. Some people choose intricate designs that end up discouraging visitors for accessing information. When you make your website, ensure that it follows a straightforward and intuitive design, which allows visitors to find their way on their first visit.


The idea of a responsive website is that the given website renders differently across devices with different screen sizes. For instance, if a website is visited from a mobile device, it should adjust to fit the screen rather than rendering with the same desktop design. Given that most people use their mobile phones to visit websites, it is important to make sure that the site is responsive.


The concept of having a forgiving website is that when a site, is that if a user has to carry out a given task on the site, the process should be considerate of the mistakes that people might make on the site. For instance, if a person makes an error while signing up, say misspells their email, then the website should allow for editing. It should also add prompts to ensure that users are doing an operation that they intend to. For instance, before a person deletes a file, make sure to show a prompt the reads “Are you sure you want to remove this file?.” This will prevent strife disasters within your website.

Quality content

A website is not a quality website, without having quality content on it. It is very important to ensure that your readers get the best content to read. Make sure that the language used in the content is professional and well written. This will help propagate information the way it was intended to.


Use technologies such as image compression, and page compression to ensure that your website is blazing fast. This will save your readers a lot of time.

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