Why you should have a live video streaming application on your smartphone

Owning a smartphone comes with several benefits. You can communicate with people from different parts of the world efficiently using the various available applications. Some of them can support video calls which means you can interact visually with your partner, colleagues and loved ones. One can also derive information from some apps. We do have religious, health and news applications which you can download and read or view the content you want. Entertainment is part of us and application developers have made steps in coming up with apps that will keep you entertained. There are social media platforms where you can derive entertainment.


We also have video sites where you can watch the latest videos of the content you like from movies to movie trailers.002 YouTube is so far the common online video streaming site. There are applications that mostly major in sports, movies and drama series. Some of the best examples are Netflix and Showbox. You can install them on your computer. Showbox will give you a guide on how you can install them on your windows operating computer. Some of these applications require a subscription while others run for free. You should check the reviews of the best live streaming application before downloading one. There are several reasons why you should have an online video streaming app on your phone. They include.


Smartphones are known to be small, light and pocket-friendly. You can carry them anywhere you want with ease. Having a live video streaming application means you are going to get entertained on the move. You can watch the videos you want anywhere anytime. All you need is an active internet connection. Some of them have an option of saving videos offline which means you can keep videos to view later when you visit an area with no or weak internet connectivity. You should download this type of app to stay entertained when traveling or in far distant regions.

Real-time notifications

One can get real-time notifications on their smartphones when using some video streaming apps. All you need to do is subscribe for notifications on the kind of movie or program you want them to alert you. You will receive alerts on your mobile in case there is any available content of whatever you subscribed. One can also link their accounts with their email address which is another platform they will use to notify you.

Filter options

003These applications have filter options of the various categories of movies and programs available. You need to go to the filter section and choose the type of entertainment content you want to view. This means it is easy to trace the title and genre of the film you want to watch. The filter options can give categorize content in terms of upload date, video length, and genre.…

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