Reasons Why You Need Golf Rangefinders

Do you have a range finder, and if you don’t why? Most of the people say that they are expensive. Or some individuals feel that they are not good enough to be using rangefinders. In some other instances, one may say that since they are not interested in tournament golf and think that it is in tournaments that rangefinders are used and hence don’t see any value for them. There are many reasons why one does not have a range finder, and in some instances they are understandable.

But for those who take their golf seriously, and have a desire in them to get better. It is necessary that you have a range finder with you. The importance of a range finder can be likened to that of your clubs or maybe even more valuable. Here are some reasons why you need to go to the market and purchase a rangefinder if you want golf training aids.

Distance control

A range finder will help you determine exactly how many yards you have to the flag. It is very useful in instances where there is water short of the pin. This information is very important as it will help you determine which is the best club for you to use in striking your shot. A rangefinder will help you determine how far to hit your shot to the precision of up to a few inches.

To make sure that you have perfected the above, it is important that you develop distance control and learn your yardages. All this process is made easy by a rangefinder. It will help you know exactly where to hit the ball when you are looking at various target flags. The rangefinder will also help you determine and learn about the capability of each club in your bag.

Course management

By using the range finder properly, one can hit the exact yardages. It is even more important if you use your range finder as a tool for course management. When you think of all the shots that you will be taking, you will need more information to ensure that you maintain proper play and also make proper club choice. All this is made possible by use of a range finder.

Understanding angles

If you want to establish and judge distance properly, all you need to do is enable the eye-chronometer mode on your rangefinder and you are sorted. The range finder will give you the best angle to make your shot when you have a flag system in your front, side and middle locations.


It is obvious that one will play their best golf when they are confident. In golf, confidence is equated on how well you execute your swing. But to have absolute confidence, it is good that it is shown in every shot that you take. To make sure that you have the best levels of confidence it is good that you should have used your range finder to practice on the previously mentioned factors. Ensure that you use the help of a range finder so that you can eradicate any doubts or fear from your shots and you will play the best golf.


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