Buying an eBook reader

Education has received a lot of upgrades thanks to technology. We have witnessed a lot of advancements, especially on how people read books. Unlike the olden days, when books had to be printed on paper, these days’ people can read them on screen and are referred to as eBooks, for electronic books. With an eBook reader, reading books becomes very easy, enabling people to access books at an affordable price. In this post, we highlight some tips to help you get the best eBook reader.

Tips for buying an eBook reader


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When it comes to an eBook, battery life is very important. Unlike tablets, which offer a day’s worth of battery life at best, eBooks are known to last for a week or two before it needs a recharge. This is very practical, especially when the eBook is used in places where electricity is a problem. When buying one, go for the one that offers the most battery life.

Screen size

When it comes to screen size, you will have to choose according to your preference. EBook readers come in all sizes, and it is best to choose a given screen size depending on what kind of reading you will be doing. For instance, if you will be using it to read creative writings, then a small 7-inch screen will do fine. However, when reading scientific documents, that have advanced diagrams, it will be nice to have more screen real estate to work with, the best size for such reading is 10-inches.


Most modern screens have one weakness, their glossy surface reflects light, making it hard to read, especially on tablets. Most eBook readers are made to have an anti-glare screen, enabling people to easily read while in the outdoors. When you are choosing your eBook reader, make sure that this is a top consideration.

Book formats

Electronic books are encoded in various formats, hence the need for the reader to support as many of these formats as possible. Some of the basic formats include PDF, MOBI, and EPUB. PDF is the most used format, so that is a must have feature.

Internal storage

lkdsnvklasndlkvklasdnvlkasnvasdvTo get the same convenience as a typical book, it is important to make sure that you can read your electronic books while offline. With sufficient internal storage, you can store a lot of books that you can read while offline. For the best experience, make sure that the eBook reader’s internal memory can be extended using a memory card.