Benefits of PC gaming

For all the hardcore gamers out there, choosing between a PC and a gaming console can be a tricky situation. Both platforms have a fair number of followers, and each stand by their preferred gaming platform. While most people will prefer buying a complete gaming console, a few choose to take the long way by building their gaming PCs or simply buying a pre-built gaming PC. In this post, we will be focusing on PC gaming, and look at the benefits it has to offer compared to other gaming platforms.

Advantages of PC gaming


Affordable games

The best thing about PC games is that they are very affordable compared to console games. This is usually becauseĀ the resources needed to compile games for specific operating systems are availed for free by the OS creators. To compile a game for Xbox or PS, game developers have to use expensive commercial platforms, hence the games being pricier.


When it comes to PC gaming, the gamer has more control over their games. A good example of this control is the use of mods in games. A mod is a character that isn’t originally built into a game. By directly editing the game files, something that is very easy in PCs, a new character can be added into a game. For instance, you can have your favorite cartoon character play in a game.

Upgradable hardware

The biggest advantage of PC gaming is the ability to upgrade the hardware on demand. For instance, you can buy a new graphics card to play heavier or newer games. Unlike a gaming console, where gamers have to buy the latest console to play the newest games.

Affordable hardware

PC spare parts are usually more affordable compared to console parts. This is usually because console branded components are sold for higher prices.

Various game controllers

When gaming on a PC, choosing the gaming controller that better suits you is very easy. Just get it, install its drivers, and start using it. For gaming consoles, one has to use the provided game controller.

Gaming console simulation

One fascinating feature about PC gaming is the ability to simulate a gaming console, that is if you know where to look. There are application that can simulate an Xbox or PS station on a computer.

Backward compatibility

lkasndlkvaslkdvklasndklvnksaldnvlkasndklvnlasdvsaWhen gaming using a PC, they will support old games, hence no need to throw away your old games.