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Six Features Of A Good VPN Service Provider

A virtual private network is a tool or service that is used to help secure online privacy, especially when surfing on unprotected networks. It works by developing an encrypted tunnel that a users data is transmitted thus making it possible to hide from internet service providers or anyone that might be snooping on your online activities. The industrial grade encryption is the secret to guaranteeing anonymity and protection online.

With many VPN service providers out there it’s almost impossible to pick the best supplier. Being aware of the features to be on the lookout for when choosing a service provider is the only way to ensure that you make the right decision.

Superior technical support

jhdhjdf7d4While most companies have an excellent customer care team, it’s important to check their availability and understanding of various technical issues. It is thus important to consider a provider that offers technical support around the clock. This is of great importance particularly if you are relying on the VPN for running your business. Choosing a company that doesn’t provide 24/7 technical support means that you will make losses when the VPN is down past operational hours.


Before hiring a VPN service provider, it’s important that you find out if they are reliable or not. The reliability of a service provider can be determined by the number of times its service is running or down. Even though down times may be unavoidable, it’s worth working with a service provider that promises not less than 99% uptime.

Connection speeds

When choosing a VPN service provider, ensure that their connection speeds are constant and fast enough. While the rates may be dependent purely on your internet service provider, the VPN service provider should have a negligible effect on the connection speeds.

Simple account set up procedure

The process of setting up an account should be as simple as possible to save you time. Avoid working with VPN service providers with a sophisticated account set up the process because it will your precious time for no good reason. Choose a service provider with an account establishment procedure that takes up less than five minutes.

Protocols and level of encryption

If you are worried about data encryption and protection, then its a good idea to consider the VPN connection protocols.


hdjhdd74The amount of bandwidth that the provider is willing to offer you is another concern. If you need a VPN for regular online services like watching videos, surfing the internet or downloading, you will have to go for unlimited or high bandwidth. However, this doesn’t have to come at an unbearable cost.

If you are concern about your online privacy more than anything, a VPN service provider can come in handy. Even large multi nationals are today using VPN services to secure their business connections and data. Apart from encrypting your content, VPNs can hide your IP address and protect sensitive data on your computer. This will prevent hackers and other suspicious people right on their tracks.…

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What Every Company Should Know About Experience Modification Rate

Workers’ compensation insurance is one of the essential support services for businesses. However, it is one of the most complex issues when it comes to the calculation of premiums. One metric that is used in the determination of these premiums is the workers compensation experience modification worksheet. Here is what every company should know about experience modification rate or EMR as it is commonly known.

What is EMR?

Higher riskThe EMR is a number, usually more or less than 1.0 that indicates the ability of a company to prevent injuries at the workplace. It takes into account the number and severity of workplace injuries that have occurred in a specific company compared to other companies in the same industry for a period of, say three years.

This information is used to determine the probability of other injuries in the future and therefore determine the premiums that should be paid for a workers’ compensation insurance policy.

Factors Affecting the EMR

Obviously, the EMR is affected by injury rate of the company in question. A company with a high frequency and high severity of injuries has a higher EMR than one with a lower frequency and lower severity of workplace injuries. The different roles of employees also have a direct bearing on the company’s EMR.

For example, a machine operator is at a higher risk of getting injured than a telephone operator. The relevant authorities provide the information on the riskiness of various job positions in your state.

Calculating the EMR

Insurance premium calculationsThough the overall process of calculating a company’s EMR is complex, the first thing that insurers have to determine is the company’s base insurance premium. This base insurance premium is a function of the riskiness of each job position and the financial compensation attached to it by the workers’ compensation insurance authorities.

Once the base is calculated, the information on past injuries is then considered to predict the possibility of other injuries in the future. The rules of mathematical probability are applied to determine the chances of injuries in the future. For example, a company with many small injuries in the last three years is likely to have a big injury in the future. It will, therefore, have a higher EMR than a company with just one severe injury in three years.

Implications of a Higher EMR

The industry average EMR is normally taken to be 1.0. If your EMR is less than 1.0, you have a reason to smile. However, if your EMR is more than 1.0, you have a reason to worry. This is because you are a bad risk to workers’ compensation insurance companies. You will have to pay more in premiums to compensate your insurance company for the risk taken in insuring you.

To add an insult to the injury, it will take at least three years to reduce this EMR. Broadly speaking, the EMR is a measure of a company’s ability to prevent workplace injuries. Companies that can reduce the probability and severity of workplace injuries are rewarded with low premiums for their workers’ compensation insurance policies.…

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Why you should have a live video streaming application on your smartphone

Owning a smartphone comes with several benefits. You can communicate with people from different parts of the world efficiently using the various available applications. Some of them can support video calls which means you can interact visually with your partner, colleagues and loved ones. One can also derive information from some apps. We do have religious, health and news applications which you can download and read or view the content you want. Entertainment is part of us and application developers have made steps in coming up with apps that will keep you entertained. There are social media platforms where you can derive entertainment.


We also have video sites where you can watch the latest videos of the content you like from movies to movie trailers.002 YouTube is so far the common online video streaming site. There are applications that mostly major in sports, movies and drama series. Some of the best examples are Netflix and Showbox. You can install them on your computer. Showbox will give you a guide on how you can install them on your windows operating computer. Some of these applications require a subscription while others run for free. You should check the reviews of the best live streaming application before downloading one. There are several reasons why you should have an online video streaming app on your phone. They include.


Smartphones are known to be small, light and pocket-friendly. You can carry them anywhere you want with ease. Having a live video streaming application means you are going to get entertained on the move. You can watch the videos you want anywhere anytime. All you need is an active internet connection. Some of them have an option of saving videos offline which means you can keep videos to view later when you visit an area with no or weak internet connectivity. You should download this type of app to stay entertained when traveling or in far distant regions.

Real-time notifications

One can get real-time notifications on their smartphones when using some video streaming apps. All you need to do is subscribe for notifications on the kind of movie or program you want them to alert you. You will receive alerts on your mobile in case there is any available content of whatever you subscribed. One can also link their accounts with their email address which is another platform they will use to notify you.

Filter options

003These applications have filter options of the various categories of movies and programs available. You need to go to the filter section and choose the type of entertainment content you want to view. This means it is easy to trace the title and genre of the film you want to watch. The filter options can give categorize content in terms of upload date, video length, and genre.…

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Audio converter software programs

An audio file converter is used to convert one kind of audio file into another type of audio data. There are many online tools you can use if you are unable to edit a specific audio file. Also, you can decide to use these converter tools on your phone to convert your audio files. It is essential to seek help if you do not know the procedures that are followed during this process.

It is important to note that there are many audio converter software programs you are recommended to know. You need to choose the best one that will meet your needs. Some websites will provide critical information concerning some of these audio converter software programs. You can click on http://www.freemake.com/free_audio_converter to know more concerning these audio software programs. The following are some of the free audio converter software programs.


olikujyhftgrfdfxgvhbjklThis is one of the free audio converters you need to know. Most people prefer this type of a converter because it has a long list of audio formats that it supports. Therefore, if you have any audio file, this is the best type of a converter to use. In this kind of a converter also, you can easily extract the audio from some of the standard video formats. One of the essential things you are required to during installation is to close the install manager window. Also, you can download this type of a converter for free.

Freemake audio converter

This is one of the common types of a converter software that has several standard audio formats. However, most people prefer it because it is straightforward to use. It is important to note that it only supports audio files that are shorter. This audio converter can be downloaded for free.


This is an online audio converter that supports audio formats and most common music. It is straightforward to use because you are only required to upload the file from your computer that you will convert. However, this converter is different from other types of converters because it has a limit for source files.

Hamster free audio converterllihkugyftrdesdfghjkl

This is a free audio converter that most people use. This is because it installs quickly. Also, it is easy to use, and also it has a minimal interface. Also, hamster audio converter can promptly emerge the files into one. Ensure that you have window seven if you want to use this type of audio converter.…

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The Best Ideas For Laptop Stands That You Should Know

People who have been using laptop stands already know how useful they are. For those who have not tried, it is high time they give these accessories a try. The market is flooded with various designs, styles and makes of laptop stand making it easy to get one to suit you. If you prefer a Roost Laptop Stand, which has gained great popularity in the world, you can get it from a reputable seller online. For the sake of those who are not conversant with these gadgets, here are some useful ideas.

The best ideas for laptop stands

Use retract laptop stands anywhere

fgfhgfhfghgfhgfThese strands are highly compatible with almost all laptops an also can be used almost anywhere. Whether you have a home office or at the dining table, these stands are the best. They can be adjusted to a different height to suit different needs. They also have a pivoting grip to make sure that your laptop is safely held on the sturdy frames.


Seville classic laptop stands for presentations

Rather than bending on the table as your try to make a presentation, it is good to consider using the Seville free stand laptop stands. They have rollers and therefore easy to move from one place to another. Additionally, they have an adjustable height to suit different presenters. What makes this stand outshine others in its category is the stability and durability. The frames are metallic while the wooden top is firmly fixed to it.

Furinno adjustable stand for bed use

If you like using your laptop while lying on the bed, then furinno adjustable stand is one of the best options you have. allows the body to slip in between the stand frame bringing the laptop to a good view and comfortable level for use. Any person will find this laptop stand easy to use and actually like its services.

The above ideas are useful for anyone who would like to use a laptop stand in any setting. Its use will give many benefits than one can imagine.

Use mStand in your office


The mstand laptop stand is one of the commonly used laptop stand today. It is simple, and although not adjustable, it offers a standard lift to the laptop. It may not be portable and therefore suitable for office use only. One will leave it be behind while leaving for home. It is made of metals making it very durable. The finishing is elegant making it a worth stand to buy for your office.


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Reasons Why You Need Golf Rangefinders

Do you have a range finder, and if you don’t why? Most of the people say that they are expensive. Or some individuals feel that they are not good enough to be using rangefinders. In some other instances, one may say that since they are not interested in tournament golf and think that it is in tournaments that rangefinders are used and hence don’t see any value for them. There are many reasons why one does not have a range finder, and in some instances they are understandable.

But for those who take their golf seriously, and have a desire in them to get better. It is necessary that you have a range finder with you. The importance of a range finder can be likened to that of your clubs or maybe even more valuable. Here are some reasons why you need to go to the market and purchase a rangefinder if you want golf training aids.

Distance control

A range finder will help you determine exactly how many yards you have to the flag. It is very useful in instances where there is water short of the pin. This information is very important as it will help you determine which is the best club for you to use in striking your shot. A rangefinder will help you determine how far to hit your shot to the precision of up to a few inches.

To make sure that you have perfected the above, it is important that you develop distance control and learn your yardages. All this process is made easy by a rangefinder. It will help you know exactly where to hit the ball when you are looking at various target flags. The rangefinder will also help you determine and learn about the capability of each club in your bag.

Course management

By using the range finder properly, one can hit the exact yardages. It is even more important if you use your range finder as a tool for course management. When you think of all the shots that you will be taking, you will need more information to ensure that you maintain proper play and also make proper club choice. All this is made possible by use of a range finder.

Understanding angles

If you want to establish and judge distance properly, all you need to do is enable the eye-chronometer mode on your rangefinder and you are sorted. The range finder will give you the best angle to make your shot when you have a flag system in your front, side and middle locations.


It is obvious that one will play their best golf when they are confident. In golf, confidence is equated on how well you execute your swing. But to have absolute confidence, it is good that it is shown in every shot that you take. To make sure that you have the best levels of confidence it is good that you should have used your range finder to practice on the previously mentioned factors. Ensure that you use the help of a range finder so that you can eradicate any doubts or fear from your shots and you will play the best golf.


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Factors To Consider When Purchasing Used Servers

Without a doubt, purchasing second hand, IT hardware can be a very risky endeavor to undertake. This is more especially if the equipment is meant to support critical IT business tasks. This will depend on a number of factors that include the conditions of the used hp servers that you intend to purchase, from whom the servers are being purchased, and the quality of the hardware.


Purchasing such servers can be a bit of a gamble, in some instance they can be faulty and be a nightmare to you, and in some cases, they can work properly that you may think that they are brand new. In this article, we are going to look at some of the tips that can guide you into purchasing good pre owned servers.

Meet With An IT Expert

As a business entity, the first step is to ensure that they make a decision on the type of servers that they want to support their IT objectives. This is very important as the objectives will influence the decisions that are made on other issues. In the event that the business firm requires some IT evaluation, they should not purchase the hardware based on an educated guess. Instead, it is advisable that they schedule a meeting with an IT expert or consultant before they make a decision on what to purchase.

Set A Reasonable Budget

dasdsadWhen some entities want to purchase used IT equipment, most of them will set budgets, which are too low instead of setting them too high. Even though these servers have been used, they will not be sold cheaply more especially if they have undergone some refurbishment. You can get excellent discounts when purchasing refurbished servers, but do not expect to buy them at a price that is extremely low.

Go For A Lifetime Warranty

This may seem impossible to most individuals, but there are those sellers who after they have sold these servers to you, will make sure that they repair and replace any malfunctioning part at any given point of that server’s lifespan. Ensure that if possible, you purchase your used servers from such a seller.

Do Not Be Deterred By Old Technology

You will encounter some business entities that think that only the newest technology can sufficiently meet their IT demands, this is not true in most cases. Even though some types of hardware can be considered as being old, they may turn out to be very useful for business. Having said that, it is therefore important that you do not look down upon any technology as they can still perform any function diligently.


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Tips For Finding The Best Phone Repair Company

56yuyjghfgMost of the individuals use mobile phones. However, these mobile phones need to be repaired after it breaks. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure that you have chosen the best mobile phone repair shop or company. There are a lot of components you are recommended to consider when finding the best mobile phone repair company. I order to get educated, entertained and connected, make sure that you know the main specific features you are recommended to put into consideration.

There are a lot of benefits you will receive from your mobile phones. That is why you need to ensure that your phone is repaired as soon as possible to enjoy your daily advantages while using your mobile phone. When you are choosing your mobile phone repair company, you need to research and know the best company to hire. This is because there are a lot of companies that offer a variety of services.

Tips for finding the best phone repair company

Customer services

When looking for a mobile phone repair services in your localty, for instance mobile phone repairs Perth make sure that you choose a company with stellar customer care services. The best repair company will care about their customers. Also, it is essential to choose the best company that will meet your phone repair requirements. Do not choose a phone repair company that does not offer quality services to their customers. During your research you will know some of the companies, you need to consider and some to avoid.


The best company that offers quality services will be known. That is why before you hire or choose your phone repair company, you are advised to ask some of your relatives, family members, and your close friends. They will help you to understand the best company to choose. Just listen to their suggestions and then decide to make your own decision. Also, you can decide to read some reviews concerning the services of a certain phone repair company, and you will know the best company to hire.rtyujhghf

Repair cost

This is an essential tip that should be considered always when you are finding your phone repair company. It is important to ensure that you budget yourself carefully to avoid some issues that may arise concerning the repair cost. Therefore, ensure that you have an estimate on the repair cost. This will help you in choosing the perfect phone repair company that will meet your requirements. When you are choosing your phone repair company, choose one that offers affordable services.


Before you make your final decision on the best phone repair company to choose, you are recommended to ensure that you choose the best company that has enough experience. You do not need to visit a phone repair company more than twice for that same problem. That is why you are advised to find the best company that offers quality services. You will only find the best phone repair company that offers quality services if you check on its level of experience.…

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lasdnlkvnskaldnvlksandlvknsadvasdva Education 

Buying an eBook reader

Education has received a lot of upgrades thanks to technology. We have witnessed a lot of advancements, especially on how people read books. Unlike the olden days, when books had to be printed on paper, these days’ people can read them on screen and are referred to as eBooks, for electronic books. With an eBook reader, reading books becomes very easy, enabling people to access books at an affordable price. In this post, we highlight some tips to help you get the best eBook reader.

Tips for buying an eBook reader


lmsad vlksadvlksadlvnlksandvsadv

When it comes to an eBook, battery life is very important. Unlike tablets, which offer a day’s worth of battery life at best, eBooks are known to last for a week or two before it needs a recharge. This is very practical, especially when the eBook is used in places where electricity is a problem. When buying one, go for the one that offers the most battery life.

Screen size

When it comes to screen size, you will have to choose according to your preference. EBook readers come in all sizes, and it is best to choose a given screen size depending on what kind of reading you will be doing. For instance, if you will be using it to read creative writings, then a small 7-inch screen will do fine. However, when reading scientific documents, that have advanced diagrams, it will be nice to have more screen real estate to work with, the best size for such reading is 10-inches.


Most modern screens have one weakness, their glossy surface reflects light, making it hard to read, especially on tablets. Most eBook readers are made to have an anti-glare screen, enabling people to easily read while in the outdoors. When you are choosing your eBook reader, make sure that this is a top consideration.

Book formats

Electronic books are encoded in various formats, hence the need for the reader to support as many of these formats as possible. Some of the basic formats include PDF, MOBI, and EPUB. PDF is the most used format, so that is a must have feature.

Internal storage

lkdsnvklasndlkvklasdnvlkasnvasdvTo get the same convenience as a typical book, it is important to make sure that you can read your electronic books while offline. With sufficient internal storage, you can store a lot of books that you can read while offline. For the best experience, make sure that the eBook reader’s internal memory can be extended using a memory card.…

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skdanlvnaslkndvlkasndknvasdvasvd Web Development 

Qualities of a good website

Running a website is no easy task, and to ensure that you get the best out of it, a lot has to be implemented regarding website design and maintenance. There are over one billion websites on the web today, and they all focus on conveying information to people. For your site to be competitive amongst the rest, then it has to be of a higher quality. Making a high-quality website requires one to follow the following given guidelines.

Properties of a good website



For every good website, what stands out is the simplicity it provides, enabling people to find information and move around without a fuss easily. Some people choose intricate designs that end up discouraging visitors for accessing information. When you make your website, ensure that it follows a straightforward and intuitive design, which allows visitors to find their way on their first visit.


The idea of a responsive website is that the given website renders differently across devices with different screen sizes. For instance, if a website is visited from a mobile device, it should adjust to fit the screen rather than rendering with the same desktop design. Given that most people use their mobile phones to visit websites, it is important to make sure that the site is responsive.


The concept of having a forgiving website is that when a site, is that if a user has to carry out a given task on the site, the process should be considerate of the mistakes that people might make on the site. For instance, if a person makes an error while signing up, say misspells their email, then the website should allow for editing. It should also add prompts to ensure that users are doing an operation that they intend to. For instance, before a person deletes a file, make sure to show a prompt the reads “Are you sure you want to remove this file?.” This will prevent strife disasters within your website.

Quality content

A website is not a quality website, without having quality content on it. It is very important to ensure that your readers get the best content to read. Make sure that the language used in the content is professional and well written. This will help propagate information the way it was intended to.


Use technologies such as image compression, and page compression to ensure that your website is blazing fast. This will save your readers a lot of time.

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Priorità alle fonti rinnovabili nel futuro della Toscana
”Sono convinto della necessità di un piano energetico nazionale e certo il governo deve accelerare questo lavoro. Ma se ripetere che occorre un piano generale significa che intanto non si fa nulla, non sono d’accordo.”

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Piero Pelù al Meeting di San Rossore
“Grazie a Enzo Brogi (ex sindaco di Cavriglia e consigliere regionale) e alla Magnetek , che mi li ha dati a costo zero, nello studio che ho intorno a Firenze ho un sistema a pannelli solari

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Cambia il clima ma la vendemmia sarà ottima
Dal ’90 in aumento i fenomeni estremi, estati più piovose, clima monsonico, a parlare del cambiamento al Meeting di san Rossore è Giampiero Maracchi, climatologo e direttore dell’Istituto per l’agrometeorologia e l’analisi applicata all’agricoltura e del Cnr Ibimet di Firenze.

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Viva il sole se sappiamo impiegarlo
Sotto un sole splendido e implacabile si è aperta la prima giornata della sesta edizione del meeting di San Rossore.Jeremy Leggett, geologo che da consulente dell’industria petrolifera britannica è diventato direttore scientifico della società Solarcentury ed esperto di Greenpeace è intervenuto sotto la tenda dove il caldo era infernale.

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Il Meeting di San Rossore apre le porte ai bambini
Quest’anno il Meeting di San Rossore, dal 20 al 21 luglio, è dedicato ai temi dell’energia e ospita spazi gioco, laboratori e percorsi ludico-didattici per avvicinare bambini e ragazzi alla conoscenza e al rispetto dell’ambiente.

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Meeting San Rossore Energia: il problema, le soluzioni
L’appuntamento è a San Rossore, 20 e 21 luglio , per il Meeting dedicato all’energia.

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Energie Rinnovabili
Dal 19 al 25 Agosto 2006, Firenze, ospita il WREC (Congresso Mondiale per le Energie Rinnovabili)

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